Give your kid a new dream job every month.

You had them.
You love them.
Now let’s help make them interesting.

For just $3 a month, YOUR KID will become a:
Deep Sea Diver | Time Traveler | Chef | President of the United States | Detective | Wizard | Mad Scientist | Superhero | A million other cool jobs

And for no additional charge, YOU will become the:
Best parent ever.

Once a month, you’ll receive The Zedonk in your inbox. And it’ll be packed full of activities, information, life-lessons, and everything your kid will need to do and know to become whatever that month’s dream job may be.

Basically, it’s an on-the-job training manual for the most interesting jobs imaginable. Your kid will learn about the creatures at the depths of the ocean one month, how to conduct a search for a missing dog the next, and maybe the following month, how to be confident.

See, it’s easy.

And the best part? You never know what your kid will become. Each issue will be a complete surprise. Even the first one, which is Deep Sea Diver. Ok, that one’s not a complete surprise, but the other ones will be! Surprises are fun.

We know what you’re saying. You’re like, “Hey, I have three dollars. Maybe I’ll throw it onto the sidewalk. It’s not like my kids (whom I love) could get valuable lessons about how to be awesome while gaining new skills, abilities, and a better understanding of the world for three dollars. My kid? Becoming what they’ve always dreamed of, in one month, for three dollars? Impossible.”

With The Zedonk, nothing is impossible.